About the 2018 ITP Draft Guide

The 2018 ITP Draft Guide

The 2018 ITP Draft Guide is Inside the Pylon’s definitive guide to the 2018 NFL Draft. Inside the Pylon has taken a unique approach putting this guide together with a team of over 50 people compiling one of the most comprehensive draft guides around by mimicking the processes utilized by NFL teams in their draft preparations. Below, you’ll find a sampling of the processes used in putting together the 2018 ITP Draft Guide.

What can you expect from the 2018 ITP Draft Guide? Our scouts and cross-checkers have been hard at work making sure that multiple sets of eyes have watched every player included in this guide, meaning you are not just getting the opinion of one scout, but rather a collaborative work that is transparent with regards to the games watched, scouts watching those games, traits graded, and rankings, so you know exactly how the sausage is made. Some people say no one wants to see the inside of the sausage factory - we say those people aren't making good enough sausage. Enjoy.

From the Ground Up

Each scout is focused to a single position so they can be subject matter experts on that position. Our position scouts watch a minimum of three games of tape on every player, as well as seeing a number of them live in different environments throughout the course of the season. The primary goal of this part of the evaluation process is to provide strong depth and context to each prospect's level of play, so as to have a reasonable basis for making an initial recommendation.

Trait-Based Analysis

The key to our evaluation process is what is referred to as "trait-based analysis." Trait-based analysis breaks a prospect's overall quality down into small, easily-identifiable pieces. The specific traits measured vary based on position and the elements that go into making a player successful at that position. For a quarterback, processing speed and ball placement are examples of critical traits, while play strength and change of direction are important traits for wide receivers.


Once through the initial scouting process, our cross-checkers conduct their own review of the grades and analysis submitted by position scouts, with a three-man team ensuring that each prospect is seen by multiple evaluators.. This allows us to get multiple perspectives on each prospect, each time asking the question, "What can he do?"

Making the Grade

Once our cross-checkers have gone through our positional scouting reports, they collaborate to come up with a grade for each player. But more than just grading a player's overall talent level, the ITP Draft Guide projects both one- and three-year roles for each player, from the Dominant classification at the top, to Developmental grades at the bottom.

Building the Big Board

After grades are completed, our scouting director team sits down to review the grades submitted by position scouts and cross-checkers, and creates our final draft rankings. These rankings are based on a combination of talent level and positional scarcity, but do not factor in positional need, as that is a representation of the demand required by teams, rather than the talents supplied by that player.


Rather than simply provide one set of overarching rankings that, we also dig into the specific schemes that each player is projected to fit into at the next level, ranking players based on their projected role in the NFL. A player may succeed in one scheme but be a terrible fit for another, and our scheme-fit rankings help to provide context behind where a player may be successful.

Projecting Forward

The 2018 ITP Draft Guide also provides both one- and three-year projections, giving you a glimpse into both the immediate impact, as well as the likely developmental path of a prospect through his first several years in the league. Not all players are ready to make an impact on day one, but our projects serve as an indication of the potential growth of a player during his rookie contract.

Bonus Materials

Beyond the scouting reports and rankings, the 2018 ITP Draft Guide also features  a number of bonus sections that help to round out our coverage of the 2018 NFL Draft. From players discussing their NFL Draft experiences and first summers in camp, and even statistical analysis of long-term NFL Scouting Combine trends, we help to give you a detailed look at what goes on at the NFL Draft, not just who is drafted.